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Addvi offers a variety of comprehensive business solutions to gain new customers, improve the product and reach a new level. Addvi (Add Victory) is a helpful partner to businesses.


The Aim of the new corporate identity is to convey the meaning of the name, but to do it in a not too intrusive and straightforward way. Style should consistently convey courage, confidence, a professional and modern approach to solving problems.

It is important for a company that offers branding as a service to have its own strong and unique corporate identity. Well-developed identity and positioning influence the perception of the company and clearly demonstrate the importance of branding.

The previous logo did not provide guides for building a strong identity, so it was decided to start the development with redesigning of the logo

Helvetica guides
Final font part

The sign is formed by a combination of two symbols that convey the maximum of the necessary semantic properties – «+» and «V»

The sign is based on simple graphics, which allows to get away from first associative primitives and create a new, memorable symbol.

The font part is based on Helvetica, with a redesigned geometry of letters and an alternative spacing for better match with the sign the and the character of the brand.

Size Formats
Animation planned to be used in video production, loading screens, social networks
!Speed and momentum matter a lot
++ Background contrast
Corporate Identity
Color palette
Additional Accent
60, 90, 120 pt
Heading example
24, 32 pt
Paragraph’s heading
14, 18 pt

The main typesetting font - Proxima Nova has a good match with the character of the brand.
Geometric and modern grotesque with bold nuances, but without extreme accents, it makes paragraphs inviting to read.

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