New advertising service branding


Media Sales offers a new convenient service for selecting advertising surfaces. This is a unique tool that tends to change the outdoor advertising market.


The goal of branding is to express a sense of ease of use and tool excellence. The brand should call references to advertising surfaces, but by offering a dialogue instead of using some literal images.


The logotype represents an advertising surface (billboard) – it is formed by the rectangular plane of the font part.

The logo is complemented by a minimalistic sign offering an alternative to the i dot, and represents a bird on a billboard.

Corporate Identity
Color palette

Sky blue which was chosen as a main color broadcasts modernity, lightness and tranquility. Most graphics are based on its combination with the white shade. But for a wider use, for example on the web, more shades were picked for additional accents.

Identity support
Psst! Hey kid! Advertising is easy. Now you can choose formats and top places on your own without intermediaries :)

The sign of the logo is also used to build branded communication, acting as a mascot and representing the voice of the brand.

Web Design
Website’s main page

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