Gravity Sport

Cyclic sports center
website design


Gravity Sport is a new approach to a sports center positioning. Gravity motivates to achieve personal records and offers the most modern equipment for this: cyclic training zones, a professional pool and a specialized gym.


The task is to develop a detailed corporate website of the sports center, which should clearly broadcast positioning, offer convenient navigation and form a positive attitude to the brand. The site should equally appeal to 3 groups of the target audience: amateur athletes, parents and professional triathletes.

Main page
Design System
Color palette
Active elements
Hovering, Accents
Text and meaning
60, 90, 120 px
Header Example
24, 32 px
Paragraph’s Header
14, 18 px

Typography is based on a high contrast font pair. The main font is Five Years Later — a geometric, provocative and very brave display font. For paragraphs typing, a more restrained and easy to read grotesque is used - TT Commons.

Module Grid
The design is based on a 6-column grid with a central container for a better displaying at minimum desktop resolution and with increased margins.
Inner pages
Development includes 24 unique pages and forms.
Adaptive Design
Mobile version
Each page and form is adapted for use from a mobile device and considering the specifics of alternative navigation.
UI & Navigation
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